Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networks

Make Your Network Your Competitive Edge

The Era of Enterprise 2.0

Cloud computing, resource virtualization, native video transport, smart-grid-communication, business continuity and disaster recovery – Enterprise 2.0 demands access to bandwidth that can scale both rapidly and indefinitely without forklift upgrades. The network is ultimately the heart of Enterprise 2.0, bringing together information, colleagues, customers and partners while serving as a vehicle that drives innovation and success.

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Make or Buy?

Today’s digital enterprise is both a consumer of telecommunication services as well as a provider of services to their workforce. Is it better for the business to procure dark fiber and IT equipment independently – or is it smarter to rely on a managed service provider? Capex versus Opex. The answer is typically driven by the strategic value of the network. But whether you decide to make or buy, our scalable Optical+Ethernet networking solutions are designed to exceed your expectations. You can extend your enterprise applications over hundreds of kilometers without compromising performance or security. 

Your Strategic Business Asset

The network may prove to be your greatest differentiator and your competitive edge. Highest availability, lowest latency and maximum security are common denominators for enterprise networks across multiple industries. With our scalable Optical+Ethernet solutions, you have a scalable network that just delivers. Our technology has already helped more than 10,000 enterprises implement connectivity solutions and drive success. Let’s see how we can take your business to the next level.

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