Finance Networks


The Lifeline of Any Finance Operation

Financial institutions are dependent upon their IT infrastructure. An infrastructure that is always accessible, always protected and always at peak performance. The core of this infrastructure is a secure, highly reliable, high-speed optical backbone. It’s this backbone that not only transports enormous amounts of mission-critical information between data centers, but also enables all means of communication between sites and customers. It’s truly the lifeline of the organization.

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The Key to New Applications

IT and digital data processing technologies are at the heart of every financial institution. Securing this data and effectively transporting it are among the top priorities for IT teams. Changing technology requirements, increasing regulatory pressures combined with continuous budget restrictions creates an environment where only transparent, high-bandwidth connectivity solutions can meet required data transmission expectations. Our fiber optic transport technology not only meets these expectations but surpasses them. It delivers low latency, protocol agnostic connectivity transmitting any form of data natively at the speed of light. This connectivity is critical when enabling new applications such as virtualization, cloud computing or software-defined networking (SDN).

A Look Behind the Cloud

Our FSP 3000 is the industry-leading solution for data center connectivity. Its feature set is tailor-made for data center connectivity and supports a wide variety of interfaces and applications even when encrypted. Whether it’s InfiniBand for the Mainframe world, 16G FC for Disk-Mirroring in storage area networks or Data Center Bridging for cloud environments – we have it covered. And we don’t stop there. We also run an extensive qualification program with other equipment vendors in the data center to make sure applications run smoothly end-to-end.

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