In Need of a Health Check

The healthcare industry is undergoing one of the most radical changes in its history. The need to drive new efficiencies and adopt modern IT systems is critical. Applications such as Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) or Computerized Order Entry (CPOE) are key to the sustainability of many healthcare organizations. But these applications need to be part of a connected infrastructure. An infrastructure that unites an organization and its team.

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Network Running a Fever

Healthcare organizations are among the biggest producers of digital data and are continually challenged by how to store, share and securely transport this mission-critical information. A challenge further complicated by strict regulatory demands, especially when it comes to data retention and integrity. The bandwidth and security features offered by traditional leased-line services are no longer sufficient or cost effective. Healthcare customers need secure, affordable and low-latency transmission technology to connect their sites and applications.

The Network is the Cure

Our FSP 3000 is the perfect fit to connect multiple sites across a healthcare campus or in a region. Its secure connection of data centers complies with data retention requirements, it also enables new applications such as telemedicine by connecting remote offices and hospitals to the network's core. Its feature set is optimized for low cost, high-security data connections offering standard Ethernet connectivity as well as data center specific Fibre Channel interfaces. Its simple system architecture facilitates easy installation and operation and has already been proven in many healthcare organizations across the globe.

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