Video is More than King

Technology is radically altering how we engage with video content. It's rapidly becoming an immersive, interactive and mobile experience. People expect access to video content anytime and anywhere. The key question for content providers, broadcasters and cable operators is how they scale to meet this fierce demand. How do they continue to meet their users' expectations?

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Control Your Network, Control Your Revenue

Contribution and distribution networks are the workhorse of the media industry. They need to transport high quality video to multiple destinations fast. However, increasing bandwidth demand doesn't necessarily mean increased revenue. To ensure continued profitability, it's critical to invest in network control mechanisms. These mechanisms align network resources with bandwidth demand in a highly flexible way - minimizing network investment without compromising service quality.

Video Set Free 

Our FSP 3000 is engineered to support native video transport for SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI services without compression and with unprecedented low latency. Flexible ROADM technology in combination with software-defined networking (SDN) dynamically allocates bandwidth and reroutes data when necessary. And with 100G speeds, you don't need to worry about data bottlenecks. What's more, our FSP 150 significantly reduces latency and jitter in Carrier Ethernet services for media distribution and features advanced time distribution as required in common-frequency broadcasting.

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