The Smart Grid Era 

Power Utilities across the globe are currently faced with some of the biggest challenges they have ever seen. They need to improve environmental performance, ensure affordable pricing and increase system reliability. Driven by new user demand, further regulatory pressures and the need to include distributed supply from renewable resources, Power Utilities are looking towards Smart Grids for increased efficiency and profitability.

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Communication is Key 

Migrating from a traditional centralized infrastructure to a distributed and dynamic Smart Grid is no small task. The number of sites that need to effectively communicate with one another increases dramatically. What's more, these communication channels are heavily regulated by IEC standards. The underlying network needs to meet stringent availability and security demands. It also needs to synchronize distributed processes and this requires accurate timing information across each site.

Smart Networks for a Smart Grid 

Our FSP technology is the foundation for some of the world's leading Smart Grids. Designed to help you seamlessly migrate from legacy TDM to IP/Ethernet, our scalable products ensure you exceed regulatory demands and business requirements. Whether you need encryption for mission-critical data, protection mechanisms for fast service restoration or delivery of precise frequency and time synchronization, we ensure that Smart Grids have never been smarter.

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