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Research & Education

Can Optical Networks Inspire New Ideas?

New ideas are born every day. Some of them lead to innovations – others don’t. Research and Education (R&E) institutions have the mandate to educate students and generate ideas that lead to innovations and ultimately the further development of the human race. Can communications technology help stimulate new ideas?

High-Speed Connectivity for High-Speed Brains

Turning ideas into innovations requires smart brains that are connected to other smart brains via powerful networking technologies. Traditional leased-line models can no longer cope with the data transmission demands of today’s R&E community. Bespoke optical networks are the only answer. They are the key to unlocking the true potential of any scientific organization. Today’s fiber-optic transmission technology can deliver Terabit/s capacity over distances that span tens to hundreds to thousands of kilometers, transmitting any form of data natively at the speed of light.

Grid-Computing, E-Learning, Remote Surgery - What’s Next?

Our FSP 3000 is the most widely-used optical transmission system in the R&E world. Deployed by numerous institutions in North America, Europe and Asia, the platform carries virtually any application imaginable over state-wide, nation-wide and international distances. The platform supports all networking protocols and speeds up to 100Gb Ethernet. Its colorless and contentionless multi-degree ROADM technology allows R&E communities to support any application, anywhere, anytime – without the operational complexity of traditional large-sized networks. We are a member and trusted partner of Internet2 and TERENA. Let us help you to educate and invent.

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