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State & Local Government

From Paper to Electrons

Government organizations have historically been seen as technology laggards when it came to the adoption of new IT solutions. But this is rapidly changing. The “Digital Government” is a concept that most nations are starting to embrace. But those new electronic services require an infrastructure that’s always accessible, always protected and always at peak performance. The core of this infrastructure is a secure, highly reliable, high-speed optical backbone. It’s this backbone that inter-connects all government offices and services and transports enormous amounts of mission-critical information back to the core data centers.

Secure and Reliable Network Access

Processing a government’s and its citizen’s data in a highly secure and efficient way is a key requirement for every government run IT infrastructure. Budgets are tight but the ever-growing security and bandwidth demands call for transparent and high-bandwidth connectivity that can smoothly integrate into the existing environment. Our fiber optic transport technology not only meets these expectations but surpasses them. It delivers highly secure and encrypted, protocol-agnostic connectivity transmitting any form of data natively at the speed of light. This connectivity is critical when enabling new applications such as e-government, cloud computing or software-defined networking (SDN).

For Your Eyes Only

Our FSP 3000 is proving to be a key ally for governments seeking secure optical connectivity. Its tailor-made feature set supports a wide variety of interfaces and applications. The support of AES256 encryption offers maximum security. Combined with the extensive qualification program with equipment vendors in the data center we make sure applications run smoothly end-to-end. Whether it’s InfiniBand for the Mainframe world, 16G Fibre Channel (FC) for disk-mirroring in storage area networks or Data Center Bridging (DCB) for cloud environments – we have you and your data covered.

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