Internet & Cloud

Internet & Cloud

A Network of Endless Opportunities

Today? Partly Cloudy

Enterprises are starting to move their applications from bespoke in-house server rooms to private, hybrid or public clouds. But are they following industry trends or have they identified real value to the move? Perhaps they want to focus on their core business and no longer worry about IT resources. Or maybe they simply prefer monthly bills over large volume capex cycles. The value proposition of cloud services is growing stronger every day, and one thing is clear: with more and more digital natives entering the workplace, clouds won’t blow away anytime soon.

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More Clouds on the Horizon

The rapid adoption of Internet and cloud services can only be driven by two things: your imagination and the underlying network. While the imagination is up to you, we can help with the latter. It is the network that connects data centers. It is the network that provides access to cloud applications. The network is the basis for every successful cloud offering. No connectivity – no cloud or internet service. 

Connectivity for the Cloud

Business continuity for host data centers? Our FSP 3000 provides data center connectivity with native interface support at the lowest possible latency – qualified with all SAN vendors. Load-balancing and cloud orchestration across geographically dispersed data centers? Our Agile Core Express solution with software-defined optics delivers flexible high-speed connectivity that can easily be integrated into a software-defined networking (SDN) environment. Reliable high-speed access to the cloud? Our intelligent Ethernet access solutions provide application-specific service profiles with full end-to-end service assurance.

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