Content Service Providers

Content Service Providers

Anytime, Anywhere

Content Service Providers have risen to become game changers in our networked society. They are now among the biggest players in our global economy. More than any other enterprise though they rely on one thing: A robust IT infrastructure that guarantees 100% uptime for all services and applications. Only those organizations capable of achieving this will succeed in the long term. Content Service Providers need to deliver content at any time to any user and with the appropriate bandwidth.

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It’s All about the User

Content Service Providers are facing a global dilemma. Their users are globally dispersed, they are always on and every moment of network downtime will damage business. Consequently, what started as a single data center operation to offer content has evolved into a geographically dispersed infrastructure. High bandwidth and low latency highways between data centers are critical to keep content current and users happy. Only fiber-optic transmission technology can do this. Cost-effective transmission of native Ethernet signals at the speed of light using wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology ensures highest availability and maximum performance. Paired with new technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and software-defined networking (SDN) the agile optical network enables Content Service Providers to meet customer expectations.

Making the Internet Work

Our FSP 3000 has been engineered to deliver high-bandwidth Ethernet connectivity. Unique features such as our 100G Metro enable cost-effective transport from GbE all the way up to 100GE. Our optical layer scales from simple and cost optimized point-to-point architectures to sophisticated mesh and ring configurations using fully re-configurable optical switches and automated control – the foundation for SDN. Our FSP 3000 architecture facilitates easy installation and operation as already proven in many Content Service Providers installations across the globe.

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