Data Center Outsourcing

Data Center Outsourcing

Enabling Affordable IT

State-of-the-art business applications and tools are important differentiators in today’s corporate environment. At the same time, CIOs and CFOs are looking to move to "zero capital" and transform the IT financial model from “make” to “lease”. Sharing and pooling resources and offering them from centralized data centers has become an attractive business model that has contributed to the wide adoption of IT outsourcing concepts, including cloud computing and software-as-service (SAAS).

Redundant and Secure Hardware Solutions

The underlying foundation for every successful outsourcing operation is a highly reliable and robust hardware infrastructure. “All applications always on” is an important selling point and sharing resources efficiently is mandatory to create a profitable business case for the data center operator. Ultimately, customers want ease-of-use, reliability, security and cost efficiency. To meet these expectations, scalable data center connectivity solutions that meet today’s and tomorrow’s transmission data demands are critical.

Take the Optical Highway … Not the Country Road

Our FSP 3000 is the ideal fit for data center outsourcing and managed service providers. It delivers low-latency, protocol-agnostic connectivity, transmitting any form of data natively at the speed of light, thereby enabling new applications such as virtualization, cloud computing and software-defined networking (SDN). Its tailor made feature set supports a wide variety of data center interfaces and applications even when encrypted. Whether it’s InfiniBand for the Mainframe world, 16G FC for Disk-Mirroring in storage area networks or Data Center Bridging for cloud environments – we have it covered.

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