The Always Connected Digital Society

The Internet has rapidly become the cornerstone of our modern society. Nearly every aspect of our lives is touched by online connectivity. Ensuring that we’re able to access the Internet when we want is no small task. IXPs and ISPs are faced with this critical challenge every moment of everyday. Providing bandwidth and capacity is their core business. And this business is built on one thing: A robust IT infrastructure that guarantees 100% uptime for all connections and services. Only those organizations capable of achieving this will succeed in the long term.

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High Bandwidth, Low Cost

IXPs and ISPs need to ensure that today’s fierce bandwidth demands are met, while at the same time providing continuous connectivity to the always on generation. Every moment of network downtime damages their own and their customer’s business. That’s why they’ve started to build a highly redundant infrastructure with largest capacity links between nodes. Only fiber-optic transmission technology provides the cost-effective transmission of native 40G and 100G Ethernet signals between switches and routers. Combined with wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology, IXPs and ISPs have capacity required to fulfill the ever growing bandwidth demands of the global Internet community.

Making the Internet Work

Our FSP 3000 has been engineered to deliver high-bandwidth Ethernet connectivity. Unique features such as our 100G Metro enable cost-effective transport from GbE all the way up to 100GE. Our optical layer scales from simple and cost optimized point-to-point architectures to sophisticated mesh and ring configurations using fully re-configurable optical add drop multiplexers and automated control – the foundation for software-defined networking (SDN). Our FSP 3000 architecture ensures easy deployment and operation as already proven in many Internet Exchange and Service Providers installations across the globe.

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