Service Providers

Service Providers

Go Beyond Your Customers' Expectations

From Pain-Points to Competitive Edge

Today’s service providers are faced with a fiercely competitive marketplace. Stagnant ARPUs, regulatory constraints and the continuous push to deliver more with less make it difficult to invest in new networking solutions. But technology is now entering the marketplace that has the potential to drive network convergence and real change. Software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) are two key examples that could see the move away from hardware centric appliances to virtualized networks and functions that deliver flexibility, efficiency and speed.

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New Opportunities, No Operational Headaches

Now is the time to transform your customers’ demands for high-bandwidth applications from an operational headache into a revenue opportunity. We can show you how to exceed expectations and deliver new services with unprecedented performance and assurance. Residential broadband, carrier wholesale, mobile broadband, business Ethernet or data center connectivity services – the opportunities are endless if you have a streamlined network infrastructure that delivers more with less.

Dynamic and Responsive Come as Standard

With our SDN solutions, you can grow your services while simultaneously simplifying operations. Create new, differentiated and operationally efficient optical and Carrier Ethernet services while reducing time-to-market. From intelligent mobile backhaul and broadband access to high-speed optical backbones, our technology enables you to transform access, metro and long-haul networks into demand-responsive infrastructures that are ready for competitive next-generation services.

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