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Cable Operators & MSOs

Beyond Triple Play

Cable operators are no longer seen as just the “cable guys”. They have built a world-class reputation as reliable multi-service-operators (MSOs). The development of modern hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks has enabled cable operators to rapidly respond to residential customers varied demands, from state-of-the-art HDTV to video on demand and high-speed internet access. But the MSOs world should not and indeed does not end here.

More than Residential 

MSOs now have access to much wider market opportunities and are well-positioned to compete with traditional telcos for business Ethernet and mobile backhaul services. As MSOs continue to increase their network capacity and drive fiber closer to their customers, their competitive landscape rapidly broadens. Our innovative Optical+Ethernet solutions enable MSOs to pursue these new business opportunities and drive new revenue opportunities.

Profitable Business and Wholesale Services 

Our service delivery and assurance technologies will both entice and enable business customers to make a switch. Mobile Network Operators that are seeking new partners to reach their mobile base stations will also pay attention. Our Syncjack™ technology enables MSOs to deliver timing as a service – a prerequisite on the road to LTE-Advanced. And our Agile Core Express solution, built on 100G coherent detection and flexgrid ROADM technology is the perfect foundation for the MSO core and distribution infrastructure.

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