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Mobile broadband is the cornerstone of the digital age. It’s the foundation of the always-on generation. Access to data from any device, from anywhere at any time. Our smartphones and tablets are the gateway to the cloud, both in our personal and professional lives. People now expect a seamless broadband experience, whether at home, in the office or on the move. Mobile networks are rapidly becoming the universal service delivery vehicle for all applications. The key question is whether your network can manage the underlying bandwidth demands.

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Architectural Changes

The rising demand for mobile broadband services has accelerated the move to LTE and LTE-Advanced. This latest mobile technology further increases not only bandwidth but also quality requirements of the backhaul network. LTE-Advanced and the tighter coordination between base stations creates more stringent capacity, latency and synchronization performance requirements. Operators are keen to secure the investment in existing networks by expanding the installed base in capacity and with functionality to meet LTE-Advanced requirements. 

Timing is Everything

In mobile backhaul 2.0, timing is everything. In addition to frequency, LTE-Advanced requires highly accurate phase or time-of-day synchronization. Our Syncjack™ technology does this and more. We deliver, monitor and assure synchronization services more accurately than anyone else. With our Syncjack™ technology you can extend the lifetime of existing networks and make them ready for LTE-Advanced and small cell deployment. And with our CPRI fronthaul solution you can effectively build access networks for centralized baseband architectures. With our technology, you're always in sync.

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