Network Operators

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Transform the Network Together 

As a fixed network operator you carry the weight of the digital world on your shoulders. Your customers’ fierce appetite for high-bandwidth applications requires a new approach to networking. Let us help you handle the non-revenue-bearing OTT services more efficiently. Let us show you new ways to monetize your infrastructure. It’s time to transform your network into a demand-responsive infrastructure.

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Solutions for Growth and Profitability 

With our networking solutions, you can create new, differentiated and operationally efficient optical and Carrier Ethernet services while reducing time-to-market. From mobile backhaul and intelligent broadband access to high-speed optical backbones, from data center connectivity to cloud services, from static low-latency pipes to agile core express networks. Whatever you need, we have you covered. Our innovative Optical+Ethernet solutions provide a highly automated, scalable and energy-efficient foundation for next-generation networks.

Our Innovation = Your Competitive Edge 

Our technology is your differentiator. Intelligent Business Ethernet services? Etherjack™ gives you full visibility and assurance. Timing excellence and assurance? Syncjack™ allows you to deliver unprecedented timing accuracy and assurance – a prerequisite for LTE-Advanced and the underlying backhaul networks. Best-in-breed data center connectivity? Check out our 100G Metro with encryption. Resilient high-capacity backbone? Agile Core Express built on 100G coherent detection and flexible ROADM technology will deliver any capacity to any place at any time.

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