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Our market includes data networking solutions based on Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology and Ethernet-optimized transport and aggregation technology. Within this market, we cover three areas with distinct and largely independent growth drivers: carrier infrastructure, carrier Ethernet access and dedicated enterprise networks.

Carrier Infrastructure Is Driven by Video

Across the globe, demand for bandwidth is creating a surge in network traffic. End users demand faster access to the amount of information on the Internet that only continues to grow. And they want broadband connectivity to exchange photos, watch videos or play online games. Video services are the fastest-growing application today, and this is causing carriers to rapidly scale their networks to support these new, advanced services.

Carrier Ethernet Evolution

The key driver for growth in the carrier Ethernet access marketplace is the migration from legacy technologies to intelligent Ethernet-based transport and services. This is happening quickly. For example, mobile data users continue to gobble up valuable bandwidth, causing mobile network operators to upgrade their base stations and their backhaul networks. Operators must also implement 3G technologies and simultaneously prepare for 4G.

Ethernet has established itself as the technology of choice for tomorrow’s networks. Its popularity is enabling it to continue to replace incumbent technologies today and into the future.

Enterprise Networks Where Reliability and Speed Count

The key drivers in enterprise networking are speed and the increasing need for a reliable and efficient network infrastructure. Total loss of mission-critical data is a threatening scenario for most companies, while more and more transactions depend on the always-available nature of networks. Downtime means lost revenues, while slow networks mean your competition gets the win.

Many enterprises are deploying private networks to enable the reliable, high-capacity and low-latency connectivity they require. These trends are consistently enlarging our target market.

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