Corporate Responsibility

Our Future Is Defined by What We Do Today

Our Mission

Our CR program is built on five pillars: corporate ethics and compliance, our employees, local communities, our suppliers and the environment. To support and institutionalize our CR efforts, we built a management structure around them. Today, we have a cross-functional CR board that steers our activities to ensure a balanced drive, so all growth under each of these pillars is distributed equally. Members of our CR board come from Human Resources, Investor Relations, Marketing, Operations, Strategic Procurement, Quality Management, Compliance, Marketing, Sales, Advanced Technology, Facility and our Works Council. Our goal is to drive accountability in everything we do, adopt a wider concept of sustainability and make our efforts public.

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Building Credibility

We care deeply about our CR programs and want to share our progress with you. Our customers ask us frequently how we’re doing, and they specifically question how we’re protecting them. They want us to assess our program on a regular basis, and they want the foundation of our CR programs to be third-party, auditable reporting as proof of our progress. To satisfy these demands, we selected the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, a widely accepted vehicle that allows us to evaluate performance improvements. Our results are published via GRI so anyone can review them at any time and see how deeply CR is ingrained in what we do.