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We Act as One

Our suppliers are an extension of our company. We hold them to the same exacting standards that we demand of ourselves. We know that our customers expect the same level of service and expertise from our suppliers as they would from any member of our team. To do this, we work closely with our suppliers. In our relationships, transparency is everything.

Tell Supplier

Suppliers know our expectations from the outset. We clearly document these in our Supplier Code of Conduct that’s based on EICC standards.

Ask Supplier

We want to know our suppliers have a sustainability program. That’s why we ask for explicit details and updates on how they’re building a sustainable future.

Score Supplier

We score the supplier against our own code of conduct. This ensures we understand the suppliers approach to labor practices, health & safety, the environment and other key areas.

Rank Supplier

We rank suppliers according to risk and develop a regional risk dimension. This provides a detailed risk picture across our entire supply base.

Audit Supplier

We’re continuously auditing our suppliers, continuously examining general quality topics, social policies and environmental issues.

Work with Supplier

Our audits ensure we’re constantly engaged with our suppliers, helping them to move forward and remain within our code of conduct.