Quality Management

Quality Management

Exceeding Expectations for a Sustainable Future

Quality Is Defined by Our Customers

Quality management is inherent to all our business processes. The main goal of Quality Management is to understand and to meet customer expectations. This is the basis for all R&D, operations and sales and marketing activities. We strive to assure sustainable high quality levels and decreasing return rates. An annual customer satisfaction survey of our processes, products and services results in comprehensive feedback, which we use to feed continuous improvements.

... the main goal of Quality Management is to understand and to meet customer expectations.

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Quality Starts at the Top

The Quality Management department reports directly to the CEO and acts as an overarching company-wide advisory function. This approach helps to uncover and eliminate weaknesses in all areas and processes within our company, and it results in increasing customer satisfaction ratings and greater efficiency all-around. It’s an extensive task that requires a large number of resources, but it drives us to be better every year.

For us, successful Quality Management is based on well-defined, regularly monitored and continually reviewed and improved business processes. Product Quality starts in product engineering, rolls into our operations department – including supplier quality – and continues through the staging and installation processes. We constantly review data and statistics that help us to understand where things broke down so that they don’t happen again. Our goal is to achieve sustainable resolutions to all customer complaints.

Upholding International Standards

We are committed to providing equipment that meets or exceeds all relevant statutory, regulatory, environmental and other requirements for the prevention of pollution, the elimination of waste and the continual pursuit of improvement within our quality and environmental programs, processes, goals and objectives. We are ISO 9001/TL 9000 and ISO 14001 certified.

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