100G Transport

100G Transport

Scaling to Meet Tomorrow's Bandwidth Demands

A Future of Unlimited Possibilities

Today’s networks are reaching capacity. The demand for bandwidth shows no signs of slowing and it’s only a matter of time until you’re unable to support the continued fierce growth in high-bandwidth applications. We believe that we have the solution. Our 100G DWDM technology has been designed specifically to transport enormous amounts of data in the long haul and the metro. Let me tell you a little more.

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Built for Your Needs

In today's network, there is no one size fits all. Enterprises and service providers have radically different demands and need solutions that reflect their specific requirements. Spectral efficiency, price, space and power are four critical building blocks that must be optimized to meet your key objectives. We understand this and have worked directly with our customers to develop a family of 100G modules that are optimized to fit your place in the network.

Wherever You Are

We knew when we designed our 100G technology that it had to be available to all. We didn't want to create 100G just for one sector of the market. We knew that if we wanted to provide 100G throughout the network that it had to be something special, something that the market had never seen before. This was the challenge we set our team and it’s the basis for what you see today in networks across the world. Whether you're in the core or the metro, 100G technology is now at your fingertips.

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