Agile Core Express

Agile Core Express

Build a Network Without Constraints

Web 2.0, Video and Beyond: Are You Ready for New Opportunities?

The shift from voice to data was disruptive and painful for many network operators around the globe: revenue growth became decoupled from bandwidth demand. Now the paradigm has shifted again: Web 2.0 has given birth to new high-bandwidth applications that represent new revenue opportunities – but does your current network architecture allow you to capitalize on them? 

A more flexible and agile optical core is the best approach to turn the new network challenges into profitable growth.

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Peak-to-Average Matters

The status quo in the core of the network is quite simple: powerful IP/MPLS routers handle data forwarding and delivery, and these routers are connected by a static WDM foundation that provides transmission capacity and reach. As long as traffic during peak hours is less than twice as high as the average load, overprovisioning by a factor of two in the IP/MPLS layer solves the capacity problems.

But usage patterns are changing, and the current WDM layer lacks the awareness of what’s happening in other layers. New Web 2.0 applications have not only accelerated traffic growth but also significantly altered peak-to-average and maximum-to-minimum bandwidth demand. In some areas, the new ratio is as high as 10, with a tendency to increase even further. Overprovisioning the IP/MPLS layer by a factor of 10+ is not economically viable – nor is it technically the best solution. When router ports run empty, so do the transport pipes.

Agile Core Express – Speed and Intelligence

A more flexible and agile optical core is the best approach to turn new network challenges into profitable growth. Our Agile Core Express enables the transport layer to communicate with the IP/MPLS layer, providing intelligence, network awareness and resource sharing. With Agile Core Express, we couple 100G coherent transmission technology to optimize capacity, add the latest ROADM technology for performance and flexibility, and enable end-to-end service and bandwidth management. Agile Core Express – the optimum performance for profitable service delivery.

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