AnyCell Connectivity

AnyCell™ Connectivity

The Future of Mobile Networks

Growth Beyond Imagination

The mobile industry stands on a precipice. It's about to face one of the most critical junctures in its history. The decisions it makes this year will prove vital. What's driving this change? There are more users, more devices and more demand than ever before. To meet users' expectations mobile network operators (MNOs) need higher speeds and greater coverage. They need more macro cells, more small cells and more remote radio heads (RRHs). The key question is how do MNOs deploy all these additional antennae and ensure a great user experience?

... a blueprint for the mobile industry. A new concept for a mobile data generation.

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A New Era of Mobile Data

AnyCell™ Connectivity is a blueprint for the mobile industry. It's a new concept for connecting radio access networks (RANs). It's a new concept for a mobile data generation. Combining a range of our FSP hardware and software, AnyCell™ Connectivity offers a direct migration path from current RAN infrastructures to high-performance mobile broadband networks. It's based around three key elements: performance-assured Carrier Ethernet backhaul, precise time and phase synchronization, and managed optical fronthaul using wavelength division multiplexing technology.

Any time. Anywhere. Any Device

The combination of these three elements enables new ways to connect the required vast array of macro cells, small cells and RRHs. AnyCell™ Connectivity supports both conventional base station and Cloud-RAN designs connecting more remote radio heads to centralized base band units. With our technology, MNOs can use advanced precise time and phase synchronization to support advanced interference cancellation and spectrum coordination techniques that actually increases network efficiency. While wireline operators can offer fronthaul and backhaul services that are fully service assured and future proof. With AnyCell™ Connectivity, the promise of tomorrow's mobile networks has arrived.

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