Low-Latency Optical Transport

Low-Latency Optical Transport

Do You Have the Competitive Edge?

Is Your Network Running at Lowest Possible Latency?

In today’s low-latency network environment, fractions of a second make all the difference. As technology advances, faster networks drive more revenue. Decreasing latency by reducing time in the transport network takes advantage of the significant differences that exist in optical networks today. The transport network with the fastest equipment and the shortest fiber distance makes a significant impact.

... the tool that enables you to get in and out of markets ahead of your competition.

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Beat the Competition by Leveraging Our Market-Leading Technology

We have a strong track record of building high-performance transport networks for the financial industry. Just ask our customers. Our FSP 3000 optical transport solution provides you with the lowest-latency connectivity on the market. It is the tool that enables you to get in and out of markets ahead of your competition.

A Solution Focused on Your Requirements

No matter whether your core application is high-frequency trading, exchange connectivity or data center inter-connection for disaster recovery – our ultra low-latency optical transport technology provides you with a competitive advantage. In our FSP 3000, every component from transmitter to receiver is optimized for speed. Whether connecting to an information feed over Ethernet, interconnecting HPC clusters with InfiniBand or accessing storage networks using Fibre Channel, our FSP 3000 allows the transport of any protocol, over any distance, with best-in-class latency.

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