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It’s annoying to see opportunities but not be able to grasp them. And it’s frustrating that communication service providers (CSPs) simply can’t address the wide range of new services available with their established networks. Off-net customers don’t want to wait weeks to get connected and be able to access a new service. Radio base stations can only utilize the latest mobile technology with access to precise synchronization information. Enterprises are eager to push content and appliances into the cloud but need a secure connection to it. What CSPs need is a way to rapidly introduce new services, preferably on top of their existing network.

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The growing interest in network functions virtualization, the demand for improved security, the need for synchronization and an increasingly challenging demarcation space, are all placing significant strains on CSPs. To successfully address each of these areas, they need to manage a complex mix of heterogeneous equipment from multiple vendors. The capital and operating costs here are enormous. Having one common edge technology for any service demand minimizes the hassle of solution integration while maximizing speed, agility and efficiency. Now, we’re fulfilling those promises with the most comprehensive FSP 150 edge and aggregation platform on the market.

Strong Family Ties

Combining the legacy capabilities of our FSP 150 product portfolio with security controls, compute resources, programmability or synchronization technology paves the path to One Network Edge – a solution framework for delivering any service over a self-provided or third party networks. One Network Edge solutions build on 20 years of technology and market leadership at the network edge. A single platform relieves CSPs from troublesome integration of multiple product families. Built on the rock-solid foundation of the comprehensive FSP 150 product portfolio, our One Network Edge solutions meet price and performance requirements in the most demanding in- and out-door applications, and set a new benchmark for edge comprehensiveness, simplicity and scale.

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