Optical Network Automation

Optical Network Automation

You Look after Your Business – Let Your Network Take Care of Itself

The Time Is Right for Automated Optical Service Delivery

To address the challenge of massive bandwidth growth in times of stagnating service revenues, your operations team must focus on network simplicity. This involves developing extreme efficiency in network design, construction and management. Dramatically simplifying network operations is the key to remaining profitable in today’s fiercely competitive business environment.

Software intelligence is an integral part of a modern optical transmission network.

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Want to Be More Efficient while Increasing Speed for Customers?

Our network approach relies on integrated automation across the whole network lifecycle. We help you to significantly reduce operational complexity and manual intervention in all deployment phases. Network planning, installation guidance, equipment auto-configuration, service turn-up and verification, rapid troubleshooting and assurance can now be simplified by service-based network management technology. Our market-leading multi-layer GMPLS control plane implementation assures efficient resource allocation when interworking with the IP/MPLS client layer.

Manage Your Services – Not Network Elements

Optical network automation enables you to achieve three goals in one step: automate time-intensive manual operational tasks; address unsolvable challenges; and architect new solutions. Software intelligence is an integral part of a modern optical transmission network. Our network management suite enables you to migrate to service-centric processes in network operations. It provides you with an integrated approach that supports the entire lifecycle of your network. Operations can now be easy and simple. Turn the flexibility of your network into business profitability!

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