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Syncjack™ Timing Excellence for Packet Networks

Scalable Mobile Backhaul – Upgrade Your Network to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges

Rising demand for mobile broadband services and the evolution of cellular networks toward higher capacities and more advanced air interfaces create a need for scalable backhaul networks. Our market-proven intelligent Ethernet access technology enables you to evolve to new packet backhaul networks that offer increased capacity at lower cost, while providing the necessary service reliability to ensure the quality of experience that your users expect.

Evolve your backhaul services portfolio without constraints.

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Looking for Timing Excellence in Your Packet Network?

The quality of timing and synchronization that you put into your packet backhaul network has a significant impact on the quality of experience of mobile voice, video and data services. Whether it’s SyncE or IEEE 1588 – upgrade your network for better synchronization and controlled timing over packet with our FSP 150 mobile backhaul solution. It combines the most accurate timing distribution technology fueled by Oscilloquartz synchronization expertize to produce a leading platform for Ethernet service demarcation and aggregation.

Stay Profitable in a Booming Mobile Broadband Environment

Our Oscilloquartz timing sources and distribution technology combined with Syncjack™ end-to-end monitoring and assurance open new revenue opportunities from the delivery of SLA-based synchronization services. Evolve your backhaul services portfolio without constraints. Our core-to-access timing excellence is the right solution for delivering premium backhaul services across your network.

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