Automated Network Management

Automatic Network Management

Operational Simplicity Comes as Standard

Who Said Networks Have to Be Complex?

There’s a misconception that networks need to be complex and time-consuming to manage. We fundamentally disagree. Our network management suite is built to reduce complexity, and ultimately the cost of network operations. We provide a unified platform for network operations that empowers service providers and enterprises to holistically and cost-effectively ensure availability and high quality for their services and applications.

... our network management suite is designed to operate your network so you don’t have to.

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Increase Revenues, Drive Down Expenses

Whether simplifying service creation and maintenance or designing extensive fault-tracking and resolution processes, our network management suite is designed to operate your network so you don’t have to. This automated approach enables you to increase revenues while simultaneously reducing operational expenses. Today’s competitive marketplace requires this critical balance. With the FSP Network Manager, you now have the tools to help achieve it.

End-To-End Delivery at the Click of a Button

Our FSP Service Manager is built on an intuitive graphical user interface that provides service provisioning and management across your entire network. With only a few clicks, new services can be online, eliminating the need to drill down to configure individual elements. Whether commissioning, delivering, servicing or troubleshooting – our FSP Service Manager enables you to manage your services and not your network elements.

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