Automated Network Management

FSP Service Manager

FSP Service Manager

The New Standard in Network Automation

Our FSP Service Manager was built as a direct response to our customers’ requests. It delivers previously unattainable levels of service provisioning and control across your entire network. Unlike the current hardware-centric approach to networks, our FSP Service Manager challenges the rules. Its service-based management enables you to actively track, manage and support your network from your desk. Complete control at the click of a button.

Unlike the current hardware-centric approach to networks, our FSP Service Manager challenges the rules.

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Are You Managing Your Services or Your Network Elements?

For too long, network engineers have configured their network elements instead of their services. This needs to change. Our FSP Service Manager is built to provide end-to-end provisioning and management across your entire network. This holistic view enables you to automate service creation and maintenance, turning up new services at the click of a button. With our FSP Service Manager, you will finally be able to focus on your services and new revenue opportunities rather than network maintenance.

Supporting the Entire Network Management Life-Cycle

Simplify service creation and maintenance processes via computer-aided provisioning and the introduction of templates. By applying service templates, you render redundant the selection of multiple parameters and network configurations. End-to-end monitoring of service performance and availability enables instant resolution of network problems, regardless of location and without costly delays or truck rolls. Whether commissioning, delivering, servicing or troubleshooting, the FSP Service Manager helps you to maintain strong relationships with your customers.

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