Carrier Ethernet

ADVA 1400

ADVA 1400

Business Services

Our 1400 enables 1Mbit/s-1Gbit/s Ethernet services to single or multi-tenant businesses at any location with native Ethernet or by leveraging existing SONET/SDH, DS3/E3 or DS1/E1. Sub-50ms link aggregation or SONET/SDH 1+1 and a 99.999% availability design deliver the reliability required by enterprise customers. Four-stage hierarchical-QoS, dedicated queues per flow, complete Ethernet OAM and flow-level service differentiation deliver sophisticated enterprise services.

With 99.999 percent availability, our 1400 enables a carrier-grade scalable solution.

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Mobile Backhaul

The ADVA 1400 enables Ethernet for 3G and 4G services to one or multiple carriers at the cell tower. With a flexible interface slot, our 1400 enables service to all towers: on-net or leased networks, Ethernet over fiber or radio. It can also leverage existing infrastructure with Ethernet over SONET/SDH, DS3/E3 or DS1/E1. A compact, hardened solution fits in any tower cabinet. With 99.999 percent availability, sub-50ms Link aggregation or SONET 1+1 and Ethernet OAM for 128 EVCs, our 1400 enables a carrier-grade scalable solution.

Data Center and Private Cloud

Our 1400 is ideal for data center and cloud-based backhaul solutions, providing the flexibility to leverage native Ethernet or existing SONET/SDH/PDH infrastructure. A low-latency hardware design and flow-level service differentiation for over 128 EVCs with complete Ethernet OAM enables every location to have a seamless connection to the data center or cloud.

Wholesale Ethernet Services

The ADVA 1400 has the breadth and depth of carrier features for wholesale Ethernet services, including 128 EVCs, 1024 queues, three layers of simultaneous MEPS per EVC, triple VLAN tag management and a four-stage hierarchical-QoS.

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