Carrier Ethernet

ADVA 400

ADVA 400

Broadband Delivery

Our 400 family of products offer carrier-grade temperature-hardened demarcation and mini-aggregation in a small low-cost form factor that enables carriers and service providers to deliver feature-rich business broadband services to the last-mile.

... numerous features designed to streamline and speed up service delivery.

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High-Speed Services

Our 400 solution enables high-speed Carrier Ethernet services over existing copper infrastructure. This cost-effective and robust solution provides the tools necessary to quickly turn-up new services, manage SLAs and maintain quality of service. When compared with legacy TDM-based services, the EoC solution enables higher margins, faster return on investment, and the ability to extend high-speed packet-based business-class services beyond the reach of the fiber network. For these reasons, our solution has been adopted by major carriers and service providers worldwide in order to alleviate the bandwidth limitations of legacy TDM-based services and deploy new higher-speed services.

Product Variations

The 400 product family of products delivers up to 15Mbit/s per copper pair and comes in several product variations to best meet the myriad of customer applications at the lowest cost. The different models support 2, 4, or 8 bonded copper pairs and support Carrier Ethernet speeds from 1Mbit/s to over 80Mbit/s. Even though pairs are bonded together to make a larger pipe, each pair is treated separately so all pairs do not have to run at the same rate. This allows the fastest aggregate bandwidth possible over the total bonding group.


ADVA 400 family of products is environmentally hardened and designed to be flexibly deployed at either the central office (CO) or customer premise locations. A single device type can be used at both the CO and CP locations in order to reduce the number of device types that must be managed and spared.


Our 400 products can be configured in back to back mode to deliver a point-to-point connection or paired with the aggregator platforms for greater density. This flexibility allows the same solution to serve low or high density central offices. A mini-aggregator option is offered for the 8-pair models to enable up to eight CP devices to be served from a single low cost 8-pair CO device.

Ease of Use

Our 400 products boast numerous features designed to streamline and speed up service delivery. From a familiar CLI interface, an easy to use WEB GUI, advanced wizard like MACROs, to CPE Profiles for cookie cutter provisioning; the solution is designed to be easy to use and highly scalable.


One of the most cost-reducing features in this lineup is zero-touch customer premise provisioning. Once the remote customer premise device is physically installed, software updates and configuration updates are automatically pushed down from the CO platform. No IP address is required and no additional work is required from the field installer. This feature alone saves time and money by streamlining installation and reducing the skill set required of the local field installers.

Simple Maintenance

The powerful service OAM, traffic generation, and packet-capture features can be leveraged to verify end-to-end performance, trouble shoot service configurations, and ensure end-customer SLAs. Longer term maintenance is simple with advanced tools to monitor link-layer OAM and provide connectivity fault management.

If pair qualification and troubleshooting is required, our 400 product family offers tone generation and time domain reflectometry to help quickly identify pairs and physical connectivity issues.

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