Carrier Ethernet

FSP 150CC-GE110 Series

FSP 150CC-GE110 Series

Need Cost-Effective First-Mile Ethernet Access?

Our FSP 150CC-GE110 series is designed for intelligent service demarcation at the edge of the network. Each aspect of this series is built for cost-effective delivery of assured fiber-based Carrier Ethernet services for mobile backhaul and wholesale Ethernet applications. The series of ultra-compact first-mile demarcation devices provides a full range of multi-rate-capable Ethernet interfaces. Temperature-hardened design with no moving parts and optional network link protection, our FSP 150CC-GE110 series ensures the highest service availability even in harsh environments.

... opens new revenue opportunities from the delivery of SLA-based synchronization services.

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Maintain QoS Commitments for Differentiated Services

Our CE 2.0 service demarcation and management technology enables you to provide an intelligent Ethernet service demarcation point that is compliant with the latest OAM standards. Focusing on interoperability, our implementation of 802.3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731 and RFC 2544 enables seamless end-to-end performance management. Our FSP 150CC-GE110 also features synthetic frame loss and delay measurement for multi-point service monitoring. SLA verification functions are implemented in hardware and can be performed on a per-service basis to ensure strong latency, jitter and packet delivery performance for mission-critical applications.

Syncjack™ Timing Excellence

Including comprehensive Syncjack™ technology for timing distribution, monitoring and timing service assurance, our FSP 150CC-GE110 series opens new revenue opportunities from the delivery of SLA-based synchronization services. Offering unique flexibility, the series optionally supports Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2. Traditional T1/E1- or GPS-based synchronization can now be replaced with highly accurate synchronization and controlled delivery of timing information across packet backhaul networks.

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