Carrier Ethernet


A Flexible Platform for a New Approach

Our FSP 150EG-M is a scalable, full-resiliency Carrier Ethernet aggregation and switching platform that delivers performance-assured CE 2.0 services over any access method, including fiber, E-Access, copper, TDM and SONET. This flexible platform supports today’s business and cloud services, mobile backhaul, wholesale, and metro infrastructure applications. The ADVA FSP 150EG-M is also the entry point for ADVA Ensemble, an open architecture for software-defined services at the metro edge. Together, our FSP 150EG-M and our Ensemble product suite represent a fundamentally new approach to the revenue and operational challenges facing service providers.

A scalable, full-resiliency Carrier Ethernet aggregation and switching platform ready for the software-defined services of tomorrow ...

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Switching and Aggregation for Any Access

Our FSP 150EG-M is the first and only platform that consolidates switching and aggregation for Carrier Ethernet E-LINE, E-LAN, E-Access and IP services over fiber, bonded copper, TDM and SONET. The ADVA FSP 150EG-M’s ability to deliver service over any access from a single platform saves you money and simplifies your day-to-day operation.

The Most Scalable Metro Edge Platform

With configurations for tens to hundreds of customer endpoints and supporting over 3000 unique subscriber service instances, our FSP 150EG-M is ideal for a range of deployment scenarios at the metro edge. The ADVA FSP 150EG-M is architected with both centralized and distributed switching to minimize entry cost for low bandwidth services without compromising performance for high bandwidth services.

Ready for Software-Defined Services

Our ADVA FSP 150EG-M is the entry point for Ensemble, an open, multi-layered architecture that optimizes service creation, activation and assurance, creating an environment for rapid service innovation, reduced operational complexity, and lower costs through automation.

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