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The Network at Your Fingertips

Our RAYcontrol™ software is a multi-layer GMPLS Control Plane that eliminates complexity from network operations, simplifying the provisioning, monitoring and control of your network infrastructure. Designed to deliver highly automated services, our RAYcontrol™ software enables dynamic, on-demand provisioning, minimizing time-to-revenue and significantly lowering opportunity costs. Regardless of the size or complexity of your network, our RAYcontrol™ software enables you to regain control of your operations and harness your architecture for increased efficiency and profitability.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your network, our RAYcontrol software enables you to regain control of your operations...

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The Future Is Automated

Today’s networks are complex environments, composed of a number of competing technologies, standards and protocols. As service providers and enterprises strive for increased network efficiency, it’s critical that individual network elements be able to work together. Our RAYcontrol™ software is built to enable this. It offers a holistic view of your network and fully manages all system resources, automating network inventory and continually optimizing its performance. This automation dramatically reduces operational costs and ensures your network is always running at its full capacity.

You’re in Control

Our RAYcontrol™ software puts you back in control. With an end-to-end view of your network and all its services, you will have the information you need to maximise your network’s potential – and your revenues. You can also dynamically provision transport services in real-time, removing barriers to implementation and automating service delivery. And RAYcontrol™ enables seamless networking by providing a standardized User Network Interface that interworks with the switch/router world. This enables you to spend less time configuring your network and more time increasing new business opportunities.

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