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Optical Transport Is the High-Speed Foundation

Optical+Ethernet innovation enables us to advance the transformation of packet-oriented optical networking and increase the efficiency of existing network infrastructures. Our scalable Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology provides more capacity, higher speeds, longer reach and a greater utilization of optical networks. As a result, networks become more manageable, operate more efficiently and transport considerably higher bandwidth for high-volume data transmission.

Our Optical+Ethernet solution enables carriers and enterprises to deliver intelligent next-generation services.

Carrier Ethernet Access – Everything underneath the IP/MPLS-Cloud

Ethernet technologies are widely used in everyday office life and are quickly expanding into the carrier network infrastructure. Carrier Ethernet is destined to become the universal service-delivery vehicle, supporting data, voice and video services. Carrier-class implementation requires end-to-end commissioning, testing and monitoring of services. Mass rollout of Carrier Ethernet means ubiquitous Ethernet over any media with high security, flexibility and timing excellence.

Best-in-Breed Carrier and Enterprise Networking

Our FSP product family is a highly scalable, multi-service optical transport and access solution with a rich set of Ethernet features for packet aggregation, OAM and timing. Thanks to its carrier-class, standards-based implementation, our solution eliminates any need for intermediate network layers. It enables carriers and enterprises to deliver intelligent next-generation services and to leverage legacy networks on a single platform.

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