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Equal opportunities


Definition of aims and terms for the rise of the women portion in supervisory boards, management organs and both leadership levels below the management organ.

In 2016, ADVA Networking SE fulfilled the determined target for the share of women of 33% in the Supervisory Board with one female Supervisory Board member out of three. All three Management Board members are male. As of December 31, 2016, the women’s portion in ADVA Optical Networking SE at the first management level amounts to 7% (prior year: 7%) and at the second management level to 32% (prior year: 35%). On account of the low portion of female university graduates in relevant fields of study it is difficult for ADVA Optical Networking to achieve a desirable high women’s portion in management. Therefore, the Management Board and Supervisory Board took the decision that until June 30, 2017, the portion of the female Supervisory Board members should stay stable at 33% and the portion in the Management Board as well as in the top two levels of management should be at least maintained at current status.