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Automated network management

It’s time for change

Communication service providers are implementing ambitious network transformation projects as they move from vendor-specific, vertically integrated hardware to disaggregated, open networks using software-empowered, standardized hardware. The evolution of management systems needs to keep up. This is why we’ve combined our network operations expertise with our excellence in SDN and NFV to create a next-generation network control solution that embraces central management, open domain control and distributed network operation systems. With its open northbound control interfaces, it provides easy integration into end-to-end orchestrators or multi-domain controllers.

Transforming network management

With storage space and server capacity becoming dynamically allocated multi-cloud architectures, the network needs to interconnect server and storage resources with business applications in a fully automated way. Automation even of complex operational processes becomes a key requirement for service providers looking to benefit from the growth of cloud-centric services. Our successful FSP Network Manager and Pro-Vision® management solutions respond to this need by extending existing capabilities and merging with open domain control. This forms the foundation of our new Ensemble Controller, a new breed of network management and control solutions. 

Simplifying multi-technology networking

Our Ensemble Controller features intuitive graphical user interfaces that provide service provisioning and management across your entire network with open programmatic control. This scalable, reliable single control instance manages connectivity, security and synchronization over our packet and optical networks. Whether commissioning, delivering, servicing or troubleshooting, our Ensemble Controller meets your service and control needs at every stage of your digital transformation.

Ensemble Controller

Communication networks are evolving. The next few years will see a gradual but unstoppable transition from manual operations to automated control by overarching end-to-end orchestrators. Consistency, scalability and reliability are key for a seamless migration to automated control ...
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Ensemble Controller icon

Ensemble Optical Director

The times are gone when efficiency in network operations was about knowing every little detail about all devices. With our Ensemble Optical Director, service-based management enables you to actively track, manage and support your network with ease ...
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Circle with compartments

Ensemble Sync Director

Distributing and assuring phase, frequency and time-of-day synchronization are critical components of today’s communication networks. Network operations increasingly depends on centralized visibility and control of this mission-critical timing environment ...
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FSP Sync Manager icon


In today's rapidly changing environment, communication service providers (CSPs) face many challenges. They must find ways to reduce their operating costs while keeping ...
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Pro-Vision UI

FSP Network Manager

Our FSP Network Manager is a user-friendly network management system that provides end-to-end configuration, management and surveillance of networks built from ADVA FSP network elements ...
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FSP Network Manager UI