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Fiber assurance

A revolution in fiber monitoring

Today’s service teams are more pressured than ever before. Operating budgets are stretched and staff need to do more with less. When networks fail, service teams need to find the fault and fast. However, with current network monitoring equipment, it’s difficult to know if the fault is with the networking equipment or the fiber. It can take hours and sometimes days to pinpoint the fault. There’s no easy or cost-effective way to actively monitor the integrity and performance of a fiber plant. Service providers urgently need an inexpensive solution that presents them with a microscopic understanding of their infrastructure.

Watching every bit

Our ALM is a game changer – both in terms of cost and capability. This fiber assurance solution has been specifically developed to provide operators with complete visibility into everything that’s happening with their fiber infrastructure. This means no more unnecessary truck rolls, no more wasted hours manually tracking faults and no more elongated repair cycles. Our ALM technology features the latest innovations in fiber testing and provides real-time, in-service monitoring of the fiber plant. What’s more, it’s independent from transported data streams and requires no active equipment at the user site. Ultimately, having this insight into fiber means fewer issues and much higher service availability.

Completely open and transparent

There is no other technology available on the market that can compete with our ALM – either in terms of cost or functionality. It opens a new era of fiber link performance assurance and enables service teams to take a huge leap forward. They can now proactively monitor their fiber and take decisive action without relying on expensive test equipment. Our ALM enables network demarcation without the need for active, onsite equipment, creating operational simplicity and minimizing cost. It’s a transparent, service-agnostic monitoring solution that creates value in an unprecedented range of applications in both fixed and mobile access, including leased fiber services and OpenAccess deployments.


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