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Media Cross Connect

A testing environment

The test lab environment presents a wide range of unique connectivity challenges. Companies are facing growing competitive pressure to quickly and reliably release products and services to market. At the same time, testing scenarios are becoming more and more complex. Today’s test labs are moving toward automation with sophisticated software to improve test velocity, but physical connectivity of equipment remains a laborious manual process slowing the overall testing duration.

Wire-once technology

Initial connection of all test sets and test infrastructure to the Media Cross Connect allows future changes in test topologies or configurations to be performed through software.
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... ideal for use in any testing environment to increase productivity and reduce capital and operational expenses.

Software port mapping

Compatible ports can be mapped using software commands in bi-directional, one-way, multipoint, or Fibre Channel arbitrated loop configurations.

Empowering the test lab

Our Media Cross Connect provides the missing link to true test lab automation. It’s a scalable, physical layer switch that gives users the flexibility and reliability of automated software control. With our Media Cross Connect, all lab devices can be connected just once and all topologies can be implemented remotely, either interactively or through full automation programming.

Increased lab productivity

Minimized retests due to fiber contamination or breakage, and increased test accuracy and velocity. Easy to use web-based GUI controls mappings and can store often-used topologies for reuse.

Remote control

Our Media Cross Connect is ideal for use in any testing environment to increase productivity and reduce capital and operational expenses. Equipment inventories are minimized by sharing expensive test sets and test bed infrastructure among users. Storing and recalling frequently used topologies, scripting configurations, and automating tests increases lab productivity. Our Media Cross Connect provides the remote automated control needed to optimize any dynamic testing environment.

Technical information

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