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Media Cross Connect Series

Reducing complexity with automation

Companies are facing increasing competitive pressure to bring products and services to market in shrinking timeframes. Network equipment manufacturers, service providers and carriers face a number of testing and validation challenges to keep pace with the demands for new product, solution and service deployments. At the same time, the tests needed to ensure delivery of quality products and services are becoming more complex. There is no room for time-consuming reconfigurations of test networks. Automation of lab testing is key to rapid product innovation.

Secure, remote equipment sharing

Deploying Media Cross Connect enables test equipment pools that maximize the use of lab equipment for 24/7 availability.
Media Cross Connect
Increase test velocity while reducing capital equipment costs and cutting overall operational expense.

Test case automation

Tests and test configurations can be securely scripted, scheduled and queued to run sequentially for 24/7 testing without personnel.
Media Cross Connect

Speeding-up regression testing

In the case of test labs, moving cables around frequently increases the chance that a problem will arise: a wrong connection is made, a cable or connector gets damaged, or a fiber optic component becomes contaminated with dirt. All of these incidents compromise the accuracy of tests, waste precious time, and result in re-testing that wreaks havoc on your lab's testing schedule. Wire-once configurations eliminate physical manipulation of cables and decrease the number of problems introduced by human intervention. Re-testing becomes as simple as re-running a software script rather than re-establishing a full test environment.

Wire-once technology

Connecting all test sets and infrastructure to the MCC enables changes in test topologies or configurations through software.
Media Cross Connect

Improved lab efficiency

Labor savings realized by the elimination of manual cabling for tests and test configurations can range from hours to weeks over the course of a year. Freeing personnel from cabling functions will also enhance quality of life in the lab environment. Secure remote access is another feature that enhances lab efficiency. Testing from home, verification or de-bugging problems remotely and sharing equipment among several organizations or sites are just a few of the cost-saving, efficiency-enhancing programs our Media Cross Connect will empower you to deploy.

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