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Scalability for your Carrier Ethernet backhaul network

In response to the growing demand for bandwidth-hungry consumer and business services, access network operators are looking for highly scalable, cost-effective packet backhaul networks. These networks will deliver a growing volume of Carrier Ethernet services and will evolve to a common infrastructure for providing mobile backhaul, business and wholesale services. Are you looking for a backhaul solution that will support all your applications? Do completeness and scalability of service OAM tools matter in your network?

Complete flexibility for multiple services

Optimized for ENNI demarcation, fulfilling service hand-off requirements in open access, mobile backhaul and business Carrier Ethernet 2.0 applications.
With our FSP 150EG Series, you will achieve highest service availability to satisfy your customers' needs.

Complete timing assurance

Comprehensive Syncjack™ technology for timing distribution and delivery of SLA-based synchronization services.

Ubiquitous service delivery with massive scale and reach

With high port densities, encapsulation flexibility and best-in-class service gateway capabilities, all in a highly reliable and feature-rich platform, our FSP 150EG-X is designed to consolidate mobile backhaul, business and wholesale services at the provider edge. Primarily targeted at aggregation and interconnect applications, the FSP 150EG-X provides scalability for your Carrier Ethernet services and the network on which they are delivered. It enables you to consolidate all backhaul applications onto a single network, while providing a manageable, cost-effective platform that is optimized to deliver intelligent services.

Robust technology for ultimate accessibility

High degree of resiliency at the service and equipment level for backhaul network solutions, enabling highest service availability.

Boost your efficiency with our market-leading aggregation and synchronization technology

With our FSP 150EG Series, you will achieve highest service availability to satisfy your customers' needs. Our CE 2.0 service demarcation and management technology enables you to apply intelligent Ethernet service management that is compliant with the latest OAM standards. Focusing on scalability and interoperability, our implementation of 802.3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731 and RFC 2544 enables seamless end-to-end performance management, even across third-party networks. And our market leading synchronization technology enables you to cost-effectively deliver highly accurate synchronization and timing information, making it the ideal solution for tomorrow's mobile backhaul networks.

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