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Network security

Data has never been so vulnerable

The fierce growth in cybercrime has left networks at greater risk than ever before. Together with the growing cost of data breaches, this makes the intelligent use of data protection technologies increasingly necessary for organizations of all sizes. What’s more, the rapid adoption of cloud-based services and the resulting migration of mission-critical data outside of enterprise walls are raising significant security concerns. High-performance connectivity solutions are urgently needed to ensure data remains secure and intact. The key question is: How can data in motion be effectively and reliably protected when traveling across today’s global terabit networks?

Encryption at the speed of light

Our ConnectGuard™ solution has been specifically engineered to protect your data wherever it is in the network. To achieve such comprehensive security, our ConnectGuard™ technology is composed of three distinct parts. ConnectGuard™ Optical is designed primarily for data center interconnect applications that need to transport enormous amounts of data across geographically dispersed locations. It provides robust low-latency encryption across line speeds of up to 200Gbit/s and eliminates the need for stand-alone security equipment. Dynamic key exchange and a strictly separated encryption domain manager make the solution compliant with the most stringent regulatory requirements.
FSP 3000 and FSP 150
... ensures data remains intact as it travels through the cloud.

Security in a virtualized world

Effective network security goes far beyond data centers though and that’s why ConnectGuard™ Ethernet is so critical. It ensures data remains intact as it travels through Layer 2 VPNs. This transforms traditional Carrier Ethernet network services into secure and assured connectivity. Finally, we offer ConnectGuard™ Cloud, which harnesses the power of network functions virtualization (NFV) to protect connectivity across packet networks in a cloud-native fashion. It's built on our Ensemble product suite, enabling cloud service providers to maximize operational efficiencies and security and offer cloud services that are protected end to end.
FSP 3000 and FSP 150
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