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Multi-access edge computing

Extending the cloud to the edge

With new technologies from AI to IoT gathering momentum, traditional centralized cloud computing is running into major challenges. It can’t efficiently handle the huge amounts of data being generated, and spiraling backhaul costs urgently need to be curbed. High latency is another problem for central IT trying to operationalize their mission-critical control purely in the cloud, particularly as many of these next-gen applications will need millisecond response times. It’s now becoming essential to extend the cloud to the network edge, to bring compute capacity closer to the sensors, base stations or mobile devices that need it, and to virtualize network function for agility and streamlined costs.

Seize new business opportunities

Our ADVA FSP 150 family pushes virtual network functions (VNFs) to the edge in a seamless and efficient way. It’s the ultimate technology for hosting virtual applications in the mobile and enterprise domains and for enabling new services to be deployed at the touch of a button. Now communication service providers (CSPs) can select either software or hardware-based implementation and create the perfect balance between performance and cost for their individual business needs. What’s more, our open technology dramatically simplifies network integration and eliminates vendor lock-in. With our FSP 150 family, CSPs are free to focus on developing new revenue streams and expanding their business.
FSP 150 ProVMi
... our FSP 3000 can securely transport data across greater distances than ever before.

Bringing the power of the cloud to the telco network

Universal CPE (uCPE) has emerged as a key tool for edge computing. By leveraging our Ensemble software, CSPs can rollout dynamic uCPE in a highly efficient way, giving end customers access to unprecedented agility, functionality and scalability. Our market-leading Ensemble Connector improves OpenStack scalability and manageability by embedding local controllers in each commercial off-the-shelf white box. This is something no other NFVI technology on the market can offer. Alternatively, a hardware-accelerated deployment of our Ensemble technology delivers even more. By leveraging our FSP 150 range, which combines an internal server for VNF hosting with multilayer Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and IP demarcation, CSPs can offer unique high-performance managed network services.
FSP 150 ProVMi and FSP 150 ProVMe
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