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Empowering the network edge

Prepare for the cloud and IoT

Today’s IT-centric businesses are fueled by connectivity. But, as more data and applications move into the cloud and billions of new devices require rapid processing, the static nature of bandwidth services creates a problem. The network edge is now the cornerstone of service innovation, leveraging existing infrastructure and opening up a wide range of service growth opportunities. Service providers can extend existing connectivity services with sophisticated privacy capabilities, latency-minimizing edge computing and highly accurate timing, while operational complexity is managed by in ever-increasing level of automation and zero touch provisioning. Our FSP 150 portfolio was specifically designed for this transformation process.

One product family that supports any business opportunity

Our FSP 150 portfolio has been specifically designed to help our customers strive for new revenue.
One Network Edge product family
... we’re fulfilling those promises with the most comprehensive FSP 150 edge and aggregation platform on the market.

Simplifies operations and service creation

Our FSP 150 portfolio is a one-stop shop for the edge and includes devices for every need.
FSP 150-GE100Pro Series

Powerful and comprehensive

With our unique family of network edge and aggregation devices, we’re empowering our customers to rapidly respond to new demands. Our edge-centric approach utilizes installed networks, minimizes impact with initial deployments and creates change as penetration grows. With our FSP 150 portfolio, we’ve combined a comprehensive set of service capabilities with a common, open and programmable management approach. Leveraging one common technology for any service demand minimizes the headache of solution integration while maximizing speed, agility and efficiency. Covering a wide array of connectivity technologies and transmission media, our comprehensive product range is ideal for any business opportunity.

Get more from your network

Our FSP 150 portfolio helps you to do more with your existing network and maximize its potential.
FSP 150-XG300 Series

Streamline high-value service delivery

A one-stop shop for all network edge requirements, our FSP 150 product range offers multi-layer demarcation together with security controls, compute resources, programmability and synchronization technology. It gives service providers the ultimate solution framework for delivering any service over self-provided or third-party networks. With our technology, providers can harmonize their access infrastructure and extend their service offering, helping them to meet current needs while preparing for future customer demand. What’s more, our FSP 150 solution portfolio features zero touch provisioning to dramatically simplify supply chain logistics and enable rapid service rollout. By continuing to create more value at the edge of the network, we’re consolidating our leading position in the global Ethernet access market.
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