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Network virtualization

Freedom to choose with pure-play virtualization

We are leading the virtualization transformation in carrier-class networking with our powerful Ensemble solution. Our Ensemble product suite supports pure-play virtualization, freeing service providers from vendor lock-in and delivering unprecedented choice. That means choice of software, choice of hardware and choice of location. With pure-play virtualization, service providers also have the ability to choose again whenever a better solution becomes available or the needs of the business change.

A dynamic, scalable environment for new revenue streams

Our Ensemble solution provides the key virtualization tools necessary to significantly reduce cost and generate new revenue in any carrier-class service provider environment. Using powerful analytics and traffic flow solutions, our Ensemble product suite helps service providers harness existing IP networks with new virtual resources to create a highly scalable and dynamic and unified virtual service delivery environment.

Automation and orchestration in the metro edge

With our Ensemble solution service providers can optimize service orchestration and delivery while boosting performance to levels that rival hardened appliances. Virtualized service delivery enables cost-effective creation and delivery of new services as well as quick response to end-customer service change requests. By introducing automation, open APIs and orchestration into the metro edge, our Ensemble product suite transforms the way service providers create, deliver, and sell network services.

Ensemble Connector

Our Ensemble Connector enables pure-play virtualization: open software running on open commercial off-the-shelf servers. The Ensemble Connector eliminates vendor lock-in so service providers are free to mix-and-match best-of-breed software and hardware ...
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Ensemble Controller

Our Ensemble Controller is an open source SDN controller and management system. Equipped with a powerful web-based graphical user interface, it establishes and manages overlay-networking configurations for VNF service chains ...
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Ensemble Orchestrator

Our award-winning Ensemble Orchestrator is designed to help communication service providers achieve the greatest cost savings and respond quickly and appropriately for revenue growth ...
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