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FSP 150-XG440

100G demarcation safeguards business

Bandwidth-hungry customers are not the most patient of clients. To meet their growing demands, communication service providers have no choice but to scale their connectivity networks towards 100G services. This is no easy task, as operational processes and quality of service must not be compromised. Operators and enterprises need demarcation and aggregation devices that can cost-effectively accommodate Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) 10Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s service offerings with capacity, scale and resilience, as well as the lowest space and power consumption. They need an industry-leading design that enables them to meet the bandwidth demands of their cloud-centric networks and empowers them to offer high-bandwidth CE 2.0 services over any network technology.

High-capacity business services

Meeting bandwidth demand of cloud-centric networks with EVPL and VPLS L2 VPN connectivity.
FSP 150-XG440
Multiple resilience mechanisms create a highly redundant architecture for protection against fiber breaks and device or network failure.

Automated provisioning

Our FSP 150-XG440 uses standardized, open interfaces for central control and resource abstraction in line with MEF LSO architecture.
FSP 150-XG440

Field-proven 100G demarcation

Our FSP 150-XG440 is a 100GbE service demarcation and edge platform that provides high-capacity aggregation for flexible delivery of advanced end-to-end SLA-based CE 2.0, IP and MPLS services. Its outstanding flexibility, capacity, and hierarchical QoS capabilities make it ideal for backhauling high-bandwidth traffic in residential broadband access as well as mobile backhaul networks. Our FSP 150-XG440 connects major business sites to the cloud over any network technology. With high port-density, it also provides high-capacity enterprise connectivity services to multi-tenant locations, where space and power are at a premium.

Comprehensive feature set

With hierarchical QoS, PIM and multi-layer OAM, our FSP 150-XG440 supports a wide range of applications.
FSP 150-XG440

Time to take control

Our FSP 150-XG440 delivers high capacity edge demarcation and aggregation with the smallest footprint and lowest power consumption. It offers programmatic control for automated provisioning with its standardized, open interfaces for central control and resource abstraction in line with MEF LSO architecture. Robust services with highly resilient architecture enable you to protect your services against network or device failures as well as fiber breaks with multiple resilience mechanisms. Our FSP 150-XG440 has a comprehensive feature set for a wide range of applications in residential metro networks, mobile backhaul and business services.

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